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Pupil Premium Funding

This funding is allocated to Schools based on the number of students eligible for Free School Meals. We also have an allocation of Pupil Premium Funding for Looked after Children and those students who are part of Service families.

Pupil Premium Funding


2016 - 17 ( £75,910 ) 

We continue to be challenged by our Occupational Therapist about our Sensory Approach to Learning. Sarah covers an enormous number of referrals, offering solutions and advice to class teams. Pupil Premium allows us to secure her services one day per week.

Forest School continues to see our students grow in confidence and learn new and practical skills that are brought back into the classroom. Pupil Premium continues to pay for the skilled Teaching Assistant that accompanies the Forest School Teacher each day.

Our Communication Assistant provides vital support to classes exploring strategies that enable students to communicate more effectively. The work is ongoing and as technology becomes more sophisticated it enables us to provide students with a variety of solutions to remove the barriers to access and communication. We are able to fund this vital work with Pupil Premium money.

Farm School is growing in size and popularity. Accreditation for the older students is in place for September. Access to farm School is each day and Pupil Premium funds our student’s attendance.

2015 - 16 (£78,936) 

Due to the success last year of focusing on Access and Communication we wanted to continue the project.

The Access & Communication coordinator’s role is essential in providing support and advice to class teams, enabling them to ensure each student is able to communicate effectively with their peers.

We have also recognized that the Sensory input for some of our students wasn’t as effective as it could be. We currently employ an independent Occupational Therapist one day each week.  Sarah is able to advise us on a more effective sensory approach for many of our children and young people. Part of the OT’s salary together with our own Access and Communication coordinator is funded by Pupil Premium.

Forest School continues to move from strength to strength with students extremely enthusiastic about learning in the outdoor environment. We have been able to share some of our work with other schools, and to enable this to happen effectively and to support the Forest School teacher salary for our assistant learning outside the Classroom coordinator is paid by Pupil Premium.

Our desire to be fully inclusive not only in the classroom has led to us securing a nest swing which will be situated in our outdoor play area. The swing can be used by every student (and no doubt teacher), in school.  The nest swing will also feature in the sensory work that our O/T undertakes.

Churchill Park has also embarked on a new project working in conjunction with a teacher who has a small holding. We have classes that visit farm school daily. Pupil Premium supports school with the cost. We will be offering accredited courses at Farm School in the future.

Educational visits are also supported using Pupil Premium funding. Our students recently received a standing ovation at the Corn Exchange for the Romeo & Juliet drama project that was run by Shakespeare for Schools. We are thrilled that our local community is very supportive of our children and young people.

2014 - 15 (£63,035) 

The funding this year will be used to provide access and communication for all our students. This could be in the form of specialist IT equipment or for simple items such as switches. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils have a voice.

Our funding will also be used towards providing students with unique experiences such as Shakespeare for Schools, allowing students to explore the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, culminating in a performance in our Towns premier Theatre to our local community.


Access and communication & experiences for students

How much funding?                      


What’s been purchased?                            

Assessment kit for access and communication, ipad, ipad mini, computer with detachable keyboard and kindle, for use by access & communication assistant to assess student’s needs. The kit will allow for swift assessment before requesting equipment from sources such as Sensory Support.

  • iPads for specific students
  • PECS communication equipment
  • Objects of reference, consistent objects for classes
  • Switch equipment
  • Shakespeare for Schools
  • Boat for construction
  • Apps for iPads including Grid player, clicker 6
  • Pantomime visits, play performances
  • Support for residential visits
  • Sailing Snettisham
  • Engagement for one month of a communication specialist to increase support and awareness for staff and students
  • Part salary Forest School Assistant
  • Part salary Access & Communication Support Assistant
  • Reading series for reluctant readers

2013 - 2014 (£57,122) 

Continue of Learning Support Team via “The Retreat”

Salary for Lead of The Retreat

Salary for HLTA Access & Communication

Intervention & support for students

Examination showed at one point that of the students accessing intervention work at the Retreat, 66% were Pupil Premium students and 17% Children Looked After. Students who accessed the Retreat are now settled in one of our main classes.

At least 50% of the students seen by the HLTA for Access and Communication support were eligible for Pupil Premium Funding. Access and communication can involve the provision of specialist equipment or by group or one to one intensive sessions with the co-ordinator.

We also purchased a further 10 iPads enabling us to ensure each class has an iPad to support all student learning.

We wanted to offer all our students the chance of a residential experience this year. Vital for life skills and independence.

Salaries £53,920
iPads x 10  £5,300
Residential experiences  £4,200 (minimum)
Total:  £63,420

2012 - 2013 (£34,323)

This funding is being used towards the continuation and expansion of the Learning Support Team as their invaluable work across school is increasing.

Analysing our data and continual assessment has led us to employ additional staff to allow the creation of two additional smaller classes to allow even greater focus in on individualised learning.

We would encourage every parent and carer to check their eligibility for Free School Meals. Acknowledging that you are eligible for Free School Meals does not mean you are committed to your child having them, but it does mean additional income for School.

Churchill Park is committed to overcoming barriers to learning and providing a wraparound provision for each and every child.

2011-2012 (£27,840) 

This funding was used towards the following:-

The setting up of two unique roles within School:

  1. Learning Support Team – This provides support to students across the school. This can be via one to one specific work or small groups for literacy/maths tuition, counselling etc.
  2. Creation of a Community Support Worker post. The member of staff provides a link with students, families and other professional agencies. Supporting students with any issues that impact on their life or that of their families.

Students in receipt of Pupil Premium match the progress of their peers. However in reading and writing, where our interventions are focussed, progress for those in receipt of Pupil Premium exceeds that of their peers.

The large majority of pupils who qualify for Pupil Premium make good or outstanding progress.