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Short Breaks Update

Information regarding Short Breaks funding. 

Short Breaks Team – Further Update Relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Purchase of equipment/toys, etc for families who have short breaks but DO NOT have a prepaid card.

Several weeks ago, the team agreed that families whose children have short breaks and had a pre-paid card could buy toys and equipment from their budget for use at home whilst the schools and short break services are closed, and the message is to stay at home. Families have told us this has made such a difference to them and their children and therefore we would like to extend the offer.


For families whose children have short breaks, have funds available in their Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) bank account but who do not have a pre-paid card, we will from Monday 20th April, be able to buy items for you and arrange to have these delivered to your home.
For families whose children have short breaks but do not have a Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) bank account, you can still apply, and we will consider your request based on the services your child usually accesses and the impact of COVID-19 on those services. If you have a social worker, we will also contact them to discuss your request.


We are able to buy equipment such as toys, outdoor play equipment, books, arts and craft materials, iPads, etc. to a maximum spend of £500 per child. Please note we cannot agree to the purchase of any subscription services such as Netflix, etc.


If you would like the team to buy toys and equipment for you, please email us on stating your name, child’s name, date of birth and short breaks ID number (if known). We will then send you a form to complete listing the items you would like us to buy, the name of the supplier, delivery address, contact details etc.