Headteachers Welcome

Welcome to Churchill Park Academy 

We are all very proud of our school in King’s Lynn. We are here to serve all children and young people in the area of West Norfolk who have special needs. 

We are very lucky because we inhabit purpose built accommodation with fantastic facilities to help us meet a wide variety of individual needs for children and young people from Early Years through to Year 14. 

Children and young people are admitted to our school at any time between these ages, all children and young people attending our school will have a current statement of special needs or a current Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). 

We offer a wide variety of educational experiences both within and beyond the classroom, including access to all areas of the National Curriculum. We have an emphasis on preparing our children and young people for life after school where we expect them to become as independent as possible with the desire to contribute fully to the wider community in which they live. 

You will see in our literature that we have five key themes and these are: 

  • Independence:   for the future 
  • Community:   coherence 
  • Inclusion:  for all 
  • Capacity:  maximize progression 
  • Excellence:  Learning and teaching 

Thank you for taking an interest and please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more about what we do. 

Head Teacher 

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