Evidence for Learning

The app allows ALL stakeholders in a child, young person or adult’s learning and development to quickly and easily gather photo and video evidence, linked to the individual’s learning goals as well as any key skills frameworks. Observations can be annotated and tagged to reflect your school’s basket of indicators in an instant. Evidence for Learning supports ANY assessment framework and ANY assessment model – including evidencing and tracking progress against individual learning intentions and targets related to Education Health & Care (EHC) Plans. What’s more, teachers can easily amend and add to these goals over time in order to respond to a learner’s ongoing needs and development.

All evidence gathered is automatically organised by the app and readily available on-demand to anyone in the school. Stakeholders can search for and sort evidence by any attribute, and schools use these features to save time and be better informed during planning, moderation and ongoing professional development.

Evidence for Learning has also transformed how parents/carers, external stakeholders and the learner themselves are engaged and involved in the entire learning process and journey. Not only can photos, videos and notes be easily and securely shared by the school, but parents/carers can capture and submit their own photos, videos and notes to reflect the learner’s development and experiences at home providing opportunity for valuable collaboration.

Evidence for learning

Parent View Portal

The Parent View Portal can be accessed by any Internet-connected device (iOS, Android, PC, Mac, etc.)

  • Sharing evidence of your child’s learning
  • Photos
  • Comments
  • Videos
  • Learning Journey’s (Reports)
  • Putting parents at the heart of their child’s learning

We share the evidence with parents via the Parent View portal. To access the Parent portal you will be sent login details via two emails, the first email will contain your unique link to a secure webpage (please save it to your favourites or save the email for future reference) and the second email will contain your password. Please note: The automated emails will come from TheTeacherCloud (the company who own Evidence for Learning).

If you ever need your password resetting please contact your child’s class teacher.


Reports – the reports option will be activated in the future

Journal – See Individual Evidence captured for your child, you can also put a parent comment on the individual evidence.

Feedback – Use this option to send feedback for your Child’s Annual report each year.

Upload– Use this option to upload photos or videos of your child


Class Teachers will review and discuss Evidence for Learning with parents at our Parents Evenings. If you have any questions about Evidence for Learning please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.

Parent FAQ's

I have forgotten my password for the EfL Parent View Portal, how do I reset it?

If you go to your secure portal link there is a Forgot Password link, please use this to go through the reset password process.

If you have forgotten your secure portal link then please contact your child’s class Teacher or a member of the class team who will be able to reset this for you. You will be sent two automated email from ‘The Teacher Cloud’. the first email will contain your unique link to a secure webpage (please save it to your favourites or save the email for future reference) and the second email will contain your reset password instructions.

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