At Churchill Park Academy, we believe that regular attendance is linked directly to raising achievement and developing skills for life.

Please support our school in its aim to raise the achievement of your child by ensuring that they attend regularly and arrive on time.

Where attendance is a concern we will work closely with parents and give as much support or advice as we can. You may be aware that recent Government legislation includes the use of penalty notices for poor attendance, which incur a fine. Hopefully we can resolve any problem without having to issue these.

We recognise that children may be ill at some point and therefore some absence is unavoidable. Children may be away from school for a block of time due to a serious illness and school will support your child with work to do at home, if appropriate. At other times children have odd days of absence from school due to illness – usually they catch up on work missed but regular days off can impact on their educational progress.

In all cases of absence parents should please:

  • Only keep your child away from school if really necessary
  • Telephone school: 01553 763679 on the first day of absence, as early as possible. Please leave a message on the answer phone if no one is available to take your call.
  • Keep school informed if there will be more than one day of absence is necessary.
  • If medical appointments are necessary in school time , please bring your child to school for the remainder of the day if you can.
  • Speak to the class teacher who will be able to provide you with work for your child, if appropriate.

It is less disruptive to a child’s education if holidays are taken during school holidays periods. We understand that for some of you it would be impossible to have a family holiday if you could not go in term time and we recognise the value of these trips for all of you. If you are considering planning a trip, you will need to complete a holiday request form, available from the office.  The Headteacher will consider each request individually.

Any holiday taken without the Headteacher’s written authorisation will be classed as unauthorised absence.

Whilst we are aware that most of our pupils arrive at school on time, we do have a small problem with lateness. Parents may not be aware of the difficulties experienced by their children, even if they are only a few minutes late each day.

If a pupil is late because of school transport we will investigate the reason with them. Please make sure your child is ready when the bus or taxi comes.

Have you thought?

  • 10 minutes late a day = almost a whole hour of lesson missed each week, which over the year adds up to nearly 2 whole weeks of schooling.
  • A child will miss his/her teacher’s instructions for the first lesson and have a confusing start to the day.
  • Coming in late causes disruption to the whole class, as well to the child who is late.
  • Registers and school dinners numbers will have already been sent.
  • Children are often very embarrassed and upset at coming into class late which in turn can increase anxiety levels.

The home / school partnership that we share is very important to us working together to help your child.  We appreciate your co-operation and ask that you support our school in it’s efforts to improve attendance and punctuality.

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