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Dinner Money Calculator

Here is some useful information about school lunches.

Cost of one school lunch = £2.20
Cost of school lunch for one week = £11.00

If you would like to pay in advance for your child’s school lunches, here is a list of costs per half term:

Cost of school lunch for:

Half Term 6th September to 20th October 2017 =  £72.60 (33 days)
Half Term 30th October to 19th December 2017 =  £81.40 (37 days)
Half Term 4th January to 9th February 2018 =  £59.40 (27 days)
Half Term 19th February to 28th March 2018 =  £61.60 (28 days)
Half Term 16th April to 28th May 2018 =  £63.80 (29 days)
Half Term 4th June to 24th July 2018 =  £81.40 (37 days)

To see our school dinner menu for the Spring/Summer term, please click the link below:


For more useful information on our school catering please click here.

If you think your child might be eligible for Free School Meals, or would like to find out more, please visit our Free School Meals section.